Sky’s the Limit Productions

Sky’s The Limit has been in business for over 30 years providing all levels of event production and special effects. From the largest sporting events in the world to small, home town events, we do it all. We started as a tour and travel company for marching bands, dance and cheer groups putting on the major bowl game halftime shows including the Sugar, Orange, Gator, and BCS Championships. With over 200 bowl game shows, our expertise and creative ideas for exciting props and special effects opened up many other doors to the Major Sporting Events, Conventions and Corporate Events. Sky’s The Limit is considered the number one provider of giant flags, special effects and the ‘WOW FACTOR’ that leaves your crowd talking about it for weeks after.

Cutting Edge Special Effects

Sky’s the Limit provides cutting edge special effects, mass imaging, and overall large-scale productions to entertain and wow large crowds. We work with many of the largest events and groups in the world, including the Men’s and Women’s Final Four, World Cup Soccer, MLB World Series, NASCAR, the Indy 500, NFL and NBA events, the All Star Baseball Game, the New York Yankees, the World Champion San Francisco Giants, and the Bowl Championship Series. We have also worked with multiple U.S. Presidential campaigns, as well as the Inaugural Parade and Ball.

Football Field Size American Flag

You’ve probably seen our football field size American flag at professional football and baseball games, especially opening days and playoff games. Our large flags have been used at the 100th anniversary for the Indy 500 Parade and Race, and our props have appeared during the opening ceremonies for the Men’s and Women’s Final Four over the last few years. We have American flags in the shape of the Continental U.S. which have been used in parades, and our streamer cannons and custom mass-image effects have often appeared with guest stars as they perform during halftime shows and special events.

Students performing at bowl games through WorldStrides Heritage Performance often use these same exciting props to create amazing effects. Sky’s the Limit is a unique part of WorldStrides Heritage Performance, coordinating events and providing one-of-a-kind props. We really are experts at the big show!

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Doug Green at or call toll-free at 1-888-242-7597.